On November 8, 2016 the American people delivered a revolutionary victory that turned the tide of destruction away from our great Nation.


This victory was the result of a movement to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. 


But our movement can not stop now, we still have much work to do. 


We need patriots like you to secure victory for President Trump and GOP candidates in this great Nation. 

mission statement

Our mission is to support President Trump and his Administration in achieving his goals, which adhere to and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, re-institute a government that is controlled by the American people, and replace a failed and corrupt political establishment. We participate in a wide-range of political activities to ensure President Trump's re-election, thus
guaranteeing the restoration of the rule of law, core values and the moral standards that made America great. As a result, we will Make America Great Again.


Our objectives as an organization are to create a full-functioning internal structure, which will give us the ability to reach and impact a mass population in the state of Florida. To create funding sources in support of our objectives. Promote Christian values and new voter registration through surrounding churches. Maximize our outreach to other Trump clubs in Florida, charter groups and support the Republican Party of Florida. Create awareness of all relative legislation which impacts Floridian


    We will partner with to re-elect President Trump and complete the work necessary for victory 


    We will register as many voters as possible to ensure President Trump's victory


    Provide support to SOE for truthful and fair election outcomes


    Counter protest for President Trump and his America First issues


    Donate to the mission of Re - Electing President Trump 

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